Component: Ethereum

This page provides basic information about selected index components, the names of indices in which a selected component is included and a component's weight in the resepctive index.

Component Overview
Name Ethereum
Country -
Performance (YTD) -22.58%
Performance (1-day) 0.70%
Index Participation Weight Full Market Cap
MVIS CryptoCompare Ethereum Index 100.0000% 235,309,661,029 USD
21Shares Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Index 29.5396% 228,492,548,590 CHF
NRI/IU Crypto-Asset (USD) Index 45.3691% 239,321,441,024 USD
MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Ethereum Index 100.0000% 236,087,595,528 USD
Menai-MVIS Diversified Digital Asset Index 33.2937% 236,509,442,672 USD
MVIS CryptoCompare Ethereum VWAP Close Index 100.0000% 236,996,137,115 USD
MVIS-Wavebridge Bitcoin Plus Altcoins Momentum Index 4.8440% 237,277,236,044 USD
MVIS Cryptocompare Crypto Leaders VWAP Close Index 32.5033% 235,352,742,262 USD
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Asset Select Index 28.7386% 234,540,272,117 USD
MVIS CryptoCompare Optimum Global Cryptoasset Index 25.4370% 236,087,595,528 USD
MVIS CryptoCompare Smart Contract Leaders VWAP Close Index 33.5097% 235,352,742,262 USD
One River Digital Core Index 27.1598% 235,631,891,976 USD
One River Digital Size Tilt Index 25.0069% 235,631,891,976 USD