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Index rules and methodology specifics such as selection criteria, review procedures or index formulas are defined in the respective Index Guides.

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21Shares Index Guide1.9, August 2021
NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Index Guide1.3, August 2021
ATAC Credit-On/Credit-Off Index Guide1.1, August 2021
ATAC Risk-On/Risk-Off Domestic Index Guide1.1, August 2021
FTX 20X Leveraged Bitcoin Index Guide1.0, January 2022
Menai-MVIS Diversified Digital Asset Index Guide1.2, August 2021
MVIS-Wavebridge Bitcoin Plus Altcoins Momentum Index Guide1.0, August 2021
SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index Guide1.3, August 2020
Sygnum Platform Winners Index Guide1.4, August 2021
Universal Standard Diamonds Evaluation 100 Index Guide1.2, August 2021