MVIS Altman North America Distressed Bond Index

The modified market cap-weighted index covers the U.S. And Canada distressed bond market and is derived from the MVIS North America Defaulted & Distressed Bond Index (MVRCOV) which tracks the performance of the U.S. And Canada defaulted and distressed bond market with bonds denominated in USD. To be included in the MVIS Altman North America Distressed Bond Index (MVRCDI) bonds have to be incorporated and domiciled in the United States or Canada.

Country and Sectors Weightings

Country and Sector weightings are based on the weightings of all index components in a certain country or sector.

Canada3 3.20%
United States97 96.64%
Poland1 0.16%
Total101 100.00%
Energy36 30.01%
Financial5 4.28%
Consumer - Cyclical16 17.05%
Basic Materials2 1.63%
Consumer - Non-cyclical17 21.23%
Communications12 7.17%
Diversified1 5.63%
Technology7 11.24%
Industrial5 1.77%
Total101 100.00%