MVIS EM Corporate Bond Index (local FX)

The modified market cap-weighted index tracks the performance of emerging markets corporate bonds denominated in local currency. The MVIS EM Corporate Bond Index (local FX) (MVEMCL) is derived from the MVIS EM Aggregate Bond Index (MVEMAG), which tracks the performance of emerging markets sovereign bonds and corporate bonds denominated in USD, EUR or local emerging markets currencies. To be included in MVEMAG index bonds must be issued by an emerging markets sovereign or quasi-sovereign issuer or a corporate issuer whose primary country of risk is deemed to be an emerging market country.

Key Features

Derived from Unique Benchmark Sub-Index of MVEMAG, the first benchmark for emerging market debt that includes the four major categories of emerging market bonds.
Amount Outstanding At least 300 mln USD. To be included in the index bonds must have a minimum of 24 months remaining to maturity.
Review Monthly.
IndexLast CloseOpenLastChangeChange (1Y)Range (1Y)
1,570.79 1,570.79 --25.80%1,162.07 - 1,627.67
1,791.43 1,791.43 --29.30%1,331.40 - 1,840.78
1,202.38 1,202.38 --10.53%869.60 - 1,285.59
1,823.01 1,823.01 --30.79%1,357.96 - 1,896.58
1,296.92 1,296.92 --19.61%951.77 - 1,369.29