MVIS® Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond Index

The MVIS Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond index (MVBI) is designed to track the performance of U.S. dollar-denominated BBB rated corporate bonds issued in the U.S. domestic market by U.S. and non-U.S. issuers that exhibit a low risk of being downgraded to non-investment grade, and offer an excess spread over its fair value based on proprietary credit risk metrics developed by Moody's Analytics.


The MVIS® Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond Index counts currently 339 components. The full list of the components with the respective weights (as of latest close) is available below.

Items 201-300 of total 339
Component Sub Index Coupon Maturity Country Weight
Altria Group Inc. MVBI, MVCI4.00%04 Feb 2061US0.17%
McDonald's Corporation MVBI, MVCI2.63%01 Sep 2029US0.23%
Berry Global Inc MVBI, MVCI4.88%15 Jul 2026US0.31%
DH Europe Finance II SARL MVBI, MVCI3.40%15 Nov 2049US0.19%
McDonald's Corporation MVBI, MVCI4.45%01 Sep 2048US0.18%
Prosus NV MVBI, MVCI4.03%03 Aug 2050ZA0.17%
Altria Group Inc. MVBI, MVCI3.40%04 Feb 2041US0.26%
Canadian Pacific Railway Company MVBI, MVCI6.13%15 Sep 2115CA0.24%
Charter Communications Operating LLC/Charter Communications Operating Capital Corp. MVBI, MVCI2.25%15 Jan 2029US0.19%
Aircastle Limited MVBI, MVCI2.85%26 Jan 2028US0.16%
Netflix Inc. MVBI, MVCI5.88%15 Nov 2028US0.49%
Netflix Inc. MVBI, MVCI6.38%15 May 2029US0.21%
Altria Group Inc. MVBI, MVCI3.88%16 Sep 2046US0.26%
Barclays PLC MVBI, MVCI2.67%10 Mar 2031GB0.21%
Barclays PLC MVBI, MVCI3.33%24 Nov 2041GB0.19%
Northrop Grumman Corporation MVBI, MVCI3.25%01 Aug 2023US0.27%
Oracle Corporation MVBI, MVCI3.85%01 Apr 2060US0.21%
Oracle Corporation MVBI, MVCI2.30%25 Mar 2028US0.15%
Tyson Foods Inc. MVBI, MVCI4.00%01 Mar 2026US0.21%
ABN AMRO Bank N.V. MVBI, MVCI3.32%13 Mar 2032NL0.21%
CDW LLC / CDW Finance Corp MVBI, MVCI3.57%01 Dec 2031US0.21%
Prosus NV MVBI, MVCI3.26%19 Jan 2027ZA0.23%
Prosus NV MVBI, MVCI4.19%19 Jan 2032ZA0.21%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI1.49%14 Dec 2025FR0.45%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI1.79%09 Jun 2026FR0.28%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI3.34%21 Jan 2032FR0.21%
Altria Group Inc. MVBI, MVCI3.70%04 Feb 2051US0.21%
Oracle Corporation MVBI, MVCI3.60%01 Apr 2050US0.27%
Crown Castle International Corp. MVBI, MVCI3.15%15 Jul 2023US0.19%
Deutsche Bank AG New York Branch MVBI, MVCI3.04%28 May 2031DE0.31%
Kraft Heinz Foods Company MVBI, MVCI6.88%26 Jan 2039US0.23%
Mondelez International Inc. MVBI, MVCI3.00%17 Mar 2032US0.17%
Owl Rock Capital Corporation MVBI, MVCI2.88%11 Jun 2028US0.17%
Carrier Global Corporation MVBI, MVCI2.70%15 Feb 2031US0.17%
Charter Communications Operating LLC/Charter Communications Operating Capital Corp. MVBI, MVCI4.40%01 Apr 2033US0.16%
7-Eleven Inc. MVBI, MVCI0.80%10 Feb 2024US0.55%
Vici Properties Inc MVBI, MVCI4.63%01 Dec 2029US0.23%
Vici Properties Inc MVBI, MVCI3.50%15 Feb 2025US0.18%
Vici Properties Inc MVBI, MVCI4.13%15 Aug 2030US0.23%
America Movil S.A.B. de C.V. MVBI, MVCI5.38%04 Apr 2032MX0.23%
Bank of Nova Scotia Halifax MVBI, MVCI4.59%04 May 2032CA0.30%
Carrier Global Corporation MVBI, MVCI2.72%15 Feb 2030US0.45%
Vici Properties Inc MVBI, MVCI5.63%01 May 2024US0.26%
Vici Properties Inc MVBI, MVCI4.63%15 Jun 2025US0.20%
VICI Properties LP MVBI, MVCI4.95%15 Feb 2030US0.25%
VICI Properties LP MVBI, MVCI5.13%15 May 2032US0.37%
Broadcom Inc MVBI, MVCI4.93%15 May 2037US0.59%
Deutsche Bank AG New York Branch MVBI, MVCI2.13%24 Nov 2025DE0.46%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI6.22%15 Jun 2032FR0.30%
Vale Overseas Limited MVCI, MVBI6.88%10 Nov 2039BR0.34%
Kraft Heinz Foods Company MVCI, MVBI7.13%01 Aug 2039US0.25%
HCA Inc. MVCI, MVBI4.50%15 Feb 2027US0.30%
Vale Overseas Limited MVCI, MVBI3.75%08 Jul 2030BR0.35%
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. MVCI, MVBI3.80%25 Jan 2050CA0.15%
Altria Group Inc. MVCI, MVBI4.80%14 Feb 2029US0.48%
Ares Capital Corporation MVCI, MVBI3.25%15 Jul 2025US0.30%
Barclays PLC MVCI, MVBI5.20%12 May 2026GB0.53%
Barclays PLC MVCI, MVBI2.65%24 Jun 2030GB0.21%
Canadian Natural Resources Limited MVCI, MVBI6.25%15 Mar 2038CA0.30%
Charter Communications Operating LLC/Charter Communications Operating Capital Corp. MVCI, MVBI6.48%23 Oct 2045US0.62%
Charter Communications Operating LLC/Charter Communications Operating Capital Corp. MVCI, MVBI5.38%01 Apr 2038US0.13%
Credit Suisse Group AG MVCI, MVBI4.19%01 Apr 2030CH0.70%
Credit Suisse Group Funding (Guernsey) Limited MVCI, MVBI4.88%15 May 2045CH0.43%
Danske Bank A/S MVCI, MVBI3.88%12 Sep 2023DK0.22%
E.ON International Finance B.V. MVCI, MVBI6.65%30 Apr 2038DE0.28%
Enbridge Incorporation MVCI, MVBI4.25%01 Dec 2026CA0.19%
Enbridge Incorporation MVCI, MVBI6.25%01 Mar 2028CA0.20%
ENEL Finance International N.V. MVCI, MVBI6.00%07 Oct 2039IT0.39%
ENEL Finance International N.V. MVCI, MVBI3.63%25 May 2027IT0.24%
ENEL Finance International N.V. MVCI, MVBI2.65%10 Sep 2024IT0.38%
Exelon Corporation MVCI, MVBI3.95%15 Jun 2025US0.21%
GLP Capital L.P. and GLP Financing II Inc. MVCI, MVBI5.25%01 Jun 2025US0.22%
HCA Inc. MVCI, MVBI5.13%15 Jun 2039US0.23%
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP MVCI, MVBI6.95%15 Jan 2038US0.34%
Suncor Energy Inc. MVCI, MVBI6.80%15 May 2038CA0.26%
Societe Generale S.A. MVCI, MVBI4.75%24 Nov 2025FR0.25%
Standard Chartered PLC MVCI, MVBI5.30%09 Jan 2043GB0.18%
Standard Chartered PLC MVCI, MVBI4.30%19 Feb 2027GB0.32%
Synchrony Financial MVCI, MVBI3.95%01 Dec 2027US0.24%
Sysco Corporation MVCI, MVBI6.60%01 Apr 2050US0.36%
Spectrum Management Holding Company LLC MVCI, MVBI7.30%01 Jul 2038US0.40%
TransCanada Pipelines Limited MVCI, MVBI7.63%15 Jan 2039CA0.41%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVCI, MVBI3.50%01 Nov 2024US0.21%
Bank of Nova Scotia MVCI, MVBI4.50%16 Dec 2025CA0.32%
Barclays PLC MVCI, MVBI4.38%12 Jan 2026GB0.64%
TransCanada Pipelines Limited MVCI, MVBI6.20%15 Oct 2037CA0.29%
The Sherwin-Williams Company MVCI, MVBI2.95%15 Aug 2029US0.19%
Societe Generale S.A. MVCI, MVBI3.88%28 Mar 2024FR0.38%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVCI, MVBI3.00%22 Mar 2027US0.13%
Charter Communications Operating LLC/Charter Communications Operating Capital Corp. MVCI, MVBI5.75%01 Apr 2048US0.40%
Credit Agricole S.A. MVCI, MVBI4.38%17 Mar 2025FR0.39%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVCI, MVBI4.33%21 Sep 2028US0.78%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVCI, MVBI4.02%03 Dec 2029US0.70%
Credit Suisse Group AG MVCI, MVBI3.87%12 Jan 2028CH0.47%
Danske Bank A/S MVCI, MVBI3.24%20 Dec 2024DK0.18%
McDonald's Corporation MVCI, MVBI3.60%01 Jul 2030US0.25%
BNP Paribas SA MVCI, MVBI4.38%01 Mar 2028FR0.30%
Lowes Companies Inc. MVCI, MVBI4.00%15 Apr 2025US0.20%
Oracle Corporation MVCI, MVBI6.13%08 Jul 2039US0.11%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVCI, MVBI0.75%22 Mar 2024US0.17%
Items 201-300 of total 339