MVIS Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond Index

The MVIS Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond index (MVBI) is designed to track the performance of U.S. dollar-denominated BBB rated corporate bonds issued in the U.S. domestic market by U.S. and non-U.S. issuers that exhibit a low risk of being downgraded to non-investment grade, and offer an excess spread over its fair value based on proprietary credit risk metrics developed by Moody's Analytics.


The MVIS Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond Index counts currently 340 components. The full list of the components with the respective weights (as of latest close) is available below.

Items 1-100 of total 340
Component Sub Index Coupon Maturity Country Weight
CASH MVBI, MVCI0.00%20 May 2022CASH0.27%
Volkswagen Group of America Finance LLC MVBI3.13%12 May 2023DE0.25%
AbbVie Inc. MVCI, MVBI2.85%14 May 2023US0.25%
Barclays PLC MVBI4.34%16 May 2023GB0.30%
Glencore Funding LLC MVBI4.13%30 May 2023CH0.38%
Credit Suisse Group Funding (Guernsey) Limited MVBI, MVCI3.80%09 Jun 2023CH0.51%
Aetna Inc. MVBI2.80%15 Jun 2023US0.33%
Oracle Corporation MVBI3.63%15 Jul 2023US0.09%
Crown Castle International Corp. MVBI3.15%15 Jul 2023US0.19%
Northrop Grumman Corporation MVBI3.25%01 Aug 2023US0.26%
Danske Bank A/S MVBI, MVCI3.88%12 Sep 2023DK0.21%
NatWest Group PLC MVBI3.88%12 Sep 2023GB0.67%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI4.25%14 Sep 2023FR0.25%
Oracle Corporation MVBI2.40%15 Sep 2023US0.21%
Deutsche Bank AG New York Branch MVCI, MVBI2.22%18 Sep 2023DE0.42%
Deutsche Telekom International Finance B.V. MVBI, MVCI2.49%19 Sep 2023DE0.19%
ING Bank N.V. MVBI5.80%25 Sep 2023NL0.21%
Enbridge Incorporation MVBI, MVCI4.00%01 Oct 2023CA0.20%
Starbucks Corporation MVBI3.85%01 Oct 2023US0.19%
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc MVCI, MVBI0.80%18 Oct 2023US0.33%
Danone SA MVBI2.59%02 Nov 2023FR0.37%
AbbVie Inc. MVBI3.75%14 Nov 2023US0.31%
Daimler Trucks Finance North America LLC MVBI1.13%14 Dec 2023DE0.24%
Bayer US Finance II LLC MVBI3.88%15 Dec 2023DE0.57%
Danske Bank A/S MVBI, MVCI5.38%12 Jan 2024DK0.39%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI5.00%17 Jan 2024FR0.26%
Standard Chartered PLC MVBI, MVCI5.20%26 Jan 2024GB0.26%
Charter Communications Operating LLC/Charter Communications Operating Capital Corp. MVBI, MVCI4.50%01 Feb 2024US0.20%
7-Eleven Inc. MVBI0.80%10 Feb 2024US0.53%
HCA Inc. MVBI, MVCI5.00%15 Mar 2024US0.51%
Spectra Energy Partners LP MVBI, MVCI4.75%15 Mar 2024CA0.26%
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp. MVBI4.40%15 Mar 2024US0.19%
Raytheon Technologies Corporation MVBI3.20%15 Mar 2024US0.22%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVBI, MVCI0.75%22 Mar 2024US0.17%
Societe Generale S.A. MVCI, MVBI3.88%28 Mar 2024FR0.37%
Midwest Connector Capital Company LLC MVBI3.90%01 Apr 2024US0.25%
Bharti Airtel International (Netherlands) BV MVBI5.35%20 May 2024IN0.25%
Becton Dickinson and Company MVBI, MVCI3.36%06 Jun 2024US0.25%
Ares Capital Corporation MVBI, MVCI4.20%10 Jun 2024US0.23%
Synchrony Financial MVCI, MVBI4.25%15 Aug 2024US0.31%
ENEL Finance International N.V. MVBI, MVCI2.65%10 Sep 2024IT0.36%
Societe Generale S.A. MVCI, MVBI2.63%16 Oct 2024FR0.24%
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc MVBI1.22%18 Oct 2024US0.59%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVBI, MVCI3.50%01 Nov 2024US0.21%
Oracle Corporation MVBI2.95%15 Nov 2024US0.16%
Danske Bank A/S MVBI, MVCI3.24%20 Dec 2024DK0.18%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI2.63%22 Jan 2025FR0.42%
Reliance Industries Ltd. MVCI, MVBI4.13%28 Jan 2025IN0.25%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVBI, MVCI3.38%15 Feb 2025US0.24%
Vici Properties Inc MVCI, MVBI3.50%15 Feb 2025US0.18%
Barclays PLC MVBI3.65%16 Mar 2025GB0.46%
Credit Agricole S.A. MVBI, MVCI4.38%17 Mar 2025FR0.37%
GSK Consumer Healthcare Capital UK PLC MVBI3.13%24 Mar 2025GB0.43%
Oracle Corporation MVBI2.50%01 Apr 2025US0.28%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI4.25%14 Apr 2025FR0.37%
HCA Inc. MVBI, MVCI5.25%15 Apr 2025US0.36%
Lowes Companies Inc. MVBI, MVCI4.00%15 Apr 2025US0.19%
T-Mobile USA Inc. MVBI, MVCI3.50%15 Apr 2025US0.74%
Mondelez International Inc. MVBI, MVCI1.50%04 May 2025US0.18%
AT&T Inc MVCI, MVBI3.40%15 May 2025US0.59%
Oracle Corporation MVBI2.95%15 May 2025US0.20%
GLP Capital L.P. and GLP Financing II Inc. MVCI, MVBI5.25%01 Jun 2025US0.22%
Bharti Airtel Ltd. MVBI4.38%10 Jun 2025IN0.25%
Exelon Corporation MVBI, MVCI3.95%15 Jun 2025US0.20%
McDonald's Corporation MVBI, MVCI3.30%01 Jul 2025US0.19%
Banco de Credito del Peru MVBI, MVCI3.13%01 Jul 2025PE0.20%
Ares Capital Corporation MVCI, MVBI3.25%15 Jul 2025US0.30%
Nomura Holdings Inc. MVBI, MVCI1.85%16 Jul 2025JP0.35%
Charter Communications Operating LLC/Charter Communications Operating Capital Corp. MVBI, MVCI4.91%23 Jul 2025US0.81%
Starbucks Corporation MVBI3.80%15 Aug 2025US0.32%
Raytheon Technologies Corporation MVBI3.95%16 Aug 2025US0.38%
Danske Bank A/S MVBI, MVCI1.62%11 Sep 2025DK0.17%
Lowes Companies Inc. MVBI3.38%15 Sep 2025US0.19%
BNP Paribas MVBI, MVCI4.38%28 Sep 2025FR0.25%
Sysco Corporation MVBI, MVCI3.75%01 Oct 2025US0.19%
Meituan MVBI2.13%28 Oct 2025HK0.17%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVBI, MVCI0.85%20 Nov 2025US0.23%
Societe Generale S.A. MVCI, MVBI4.75%24 Nov 2025FR0.25%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI1.49%14 Dec 2025FR0.45%
Bayer US Finance II LLC MVBI, MVCI4.25%15 Dec 2025DE0.63%
Bank of Nova Scotia MVCI, MVBI4.50%16 Dec 2025CA0.32%
Barclays PLC MVBI, MVCI4.38%12 Jan 2026GB0.59%
Ares Capital Corporation MVBI, MVCI3.88%15 Jan 2026US0.28%
Berry Global Inc MVBI1.57%15 Jan 2026US0.35%
McDonald's Corporation MVBI3.70%30 Jan 2026US0.44%
Altria Group Inc. MVBI4.40%14 Feb 2026US0.27%
T-Mobile USA Inc. MVBI, MVCI1.50%15 Feb 2026US0.23%
AT&T Inc MVBI, MVCI4.13%17 Feb 2026US0.47%
Tyson Foods Inc. MVBI4.00%01 Mar 2026US0.20%
ICICI Bank Limited MVCI, MVBI4.00%18 Mar 2026IN0.20%
Verizon Communications Inc. MVCI, MVBI1.45%20 Mar 2026US0.32%
Oracle Corporation MVBI1.65%25 Mar 2026US0.21%
GLP Capital L.P. and GLP Financing II Inc. MVBI, MVCI5.38%15 Apr 2026US0.24%
Exelon Corporation MVBI3.40%15 Apr 2026US0.18%
Lowes Companies Inc. MVBI2.50%15 Apr 2026US0.32%
Barclays PLC MVBI, MVCI5.20%12 May 2026GB0.49%
BNP Paribas MVBI, MVCI4.38%12 May 2026FR0.31%
Kraft Heinz Foods Company MVBI3.00%01 Jun 2026US0.45%
Societe Generale S.A. MVBI, MVCI1.79%09 Jun 2026FR0.28%
HCA Inc. MVBI, MVCI5.25%15 Jun 2026US0.39%
Items 1-100 of total 340