MVIS Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond Index

The MVIS Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate Bond index (MVBI) is designed to track the performance of U.S. dollar-denominated BBB rated corporate bonds issued in the U.S. domestic market by U.S. and non-U.S. issuers that exhibit a low risk of being downgraded to non-investment grade, and offer an excess spread over its fair value based on proprietary credit risk metrics developed by Moody's Analytics.

Index Fundamentals

The tables below show fundamental data of the MVIS Bond Index.
Descriptive values are updated on a daily basis. The chart shows historical values on a monthly basis.

Average Yield to Maturity3.17
Average Modified Duration7.20
Average Years to Maturity10.27
Average Coupon4.37
Yield to Worst3.13
Current Yield3.95

Rating and Maturity Breakdown

The tables below show Bloomberg Composite Rating breakdown and Maturity breakdown of the index components.
The data are updated on a daily basis.

Investment Grade318 99.69%
Not Rated1 0.31%
0 - 3 Years54 14.99%
3 - 5 Years61 18.31%
5 - 7 Years49 15.13%
7 - 10 Years53 17.81%
10 - 15 Years14 5.95%
15 - 20 Years44 13.10%
20+ Years44 14.72%