MVIS® Moody's Analytics US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index

The MVIS Moody's Analytics US Investment Grade Corporate Bond index (MVCI) is designed to track the performance of U.S. dollar-denominated investment grade corporate bonds issued in the U.S. domestic market by U.S. and non-U.S. issuers that exhibit a low risk of being downgraded to non-investment grade and offer an excess spread over its fair value based on proprietary credit risk metrics developed by Moody's Analytics.

Country and Sectors Weightings

Country and Sector weightings are based on the weightings of all index components in a certain country or sector.

Canada47 8.51%
United States243 57.22%
Denmark7 1.19%
France42 7.83%
Germany13 3.34%
Italy9 2.10%
Netherlands1 0.14%
Switzerland10 3.74%
United Kingdom33 7.27%
Hong Kong1 0.20%
Israel1 0.15%
Japan3 0.80%
Taiwan2 0.40%
Brazil3 0.89%
Colombia1 0.15%
India2 0.35%
Mexico3 0.48%
South Africa7 1.39%
Peru3 0.65%
Saudi Arabia8 3.22%
Total439 100.00%
Energy37 10.20%
Industrials10 2.03%
Financials166 36.00%
Utilities4 0.74%
Consumer Cyclicals42 9.36%
Basic Materials10 2.68%
Consumer Non-Cyclicals48 11.79%
Technology85 18.18%
Real Estate14 2.71%
Healthcare21 5.92%
Telecommunications Services2 0.38%
Total439 100.00%