Licensed Products

MV Index Solutions licenses the MVIS Indices to financial institutions for use as the basis for investment products. The indices published on this website are owned by MV Index Solutions and the trademarks used in the indices are the intellectual property of Van Eck Associates Corporation.

A licence agreement is required to use indices, index data or trademarks for any commercial purpose, or for research and analysis, or for the issuance, launch, promotion or marketing of financial products such as exchange-traded products, mutual funds, certificates, derivatives, swaps, bonds or OTC products linked to or based on MVIS Indices.

Please contact us for information on obtaining a licence.

33 MVIS Indices are licensed to financial institutions to underlie 39 exchange-traded products with in total USD 18.14 billion of assets under management. The information provided here is updated daily and provides the full list of licensed indices and the corresponding financial products.

Index TickerIndex NameAUM (mln USD)
MVAFKMVIS GDP Africa Index43.42
MVBBHMVIS US Listed Biotech 25 Index499.33
MVBIZDMVIS US Business Development Companies Index216.87
MVBJKMVIS Global Gaming Index55.63
MVBRFMVIS Brazil Small-Cap Index48.61
MVEGPTMVIS Egypt Index21.58
MVEMAGMVIS EM Aggregate Bond Index15.86
MVFLTRMVIS US Investment Grade Floating Rate Index478.20
MVFRAKMVIS Global Unconventional Oil & Gas Index8.92
MVGDXJMVIS Global Junior Gold Miners Index8,025.59
MVIDXMVIS Indonesia Index37.63
MVKOLMVIS Global Coal Index29.67
MVMOOMVIS Global Agribusiness Index619.34
MVMORTMVIS US Mortgage REITs Index218.79
MVNLRMVIS Global Uranium & Nuclear Energy Index18.44
MVOIHMVIS US Listed Oil Services 25 Index514.39
MVPPHMVIS US Listed Pharmaceutical 25 Index239.79
MVREMXMVIS Global Rare Earth/Strategic Metals Index187.47
MVRSXMVIS Russia Index1,200.44
MVRSXJMVIS Russia Small-Cap Index29.76
MVRTHMVIS US Listed Retail 25 Index177.37
MVSMHMVIS US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index2,594.96
MVVNMMVIS Vietnam Index387.49
MVMVRMVIS Australia Resources (AUD) Index70.06
MVMVBMVIS Australia Banks (AUD) Index64.48
MVMVAMVIS Australia A-REITs (AUD) Index185.64
MVMVWMVIS Australia Equal Weight (AUD) Index851.95
MVMVSMVIS Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers (AUD) Index50.01
MVCRAKMVIS Global Oil Refiners Index17.14
MVESPOMVIS Global Video Gaming & eSports Index1,120.14
MVBTCOMVIS Bitcoin US OTC Spot Index0.69
MVEINCMVIS North America Energy Infrastructure Index21.55
MVIBTCMVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Bitcoin Index85.47