Benchmark and Compliance Statements

The European Benchmark Regulation (“BMR”) on indexes used as benchmarks in financial instruments and financial contracts or to measure the performance of investment funds (“Benchmark/s” or “Index/Indices”) aims to establish a common framework to ensure the accuracy and integrity of Indexes used as Benchmarks in the EU. MVIS is registered as a Benchmark Administrator under the BMR, the respective entry is available here.

Article 27(1) of the BMR requires index administrators to publish a Benchmark Statement for any Benchmark or, where applicable, for any family of Benchmarks if it may be used in the EU (“Benchmark Statement”). The Benchmark Statement is a document that is aimed at helping users of an Index to understand the market or economic reality that the Index or family of Indices seeks to measure, the sources of its input data, the reliability of the index in times of market stress and its susceptibility to manipulation.

The Compliance Statement describes the standards of business conduct, best practice with regard to MVIS’ index policies and procedures and specifies the governance and transparency around the production and management of MVIS’ indices.

Benchmark Statement BondJanuary 2021
Benchmark Statement CountryJanuary 2021
Benchmark Statement CustomisedJanuary 2021
Benchmark Statement Digital AssetsJanuary 2021
Benchmark Statement Hard AssetsJanuary 2021
Benchmark Statement SectorJanuary 2021
Benchmark Statement SpecialtyJanuary 2021
Benchmark Statement Supplement for ESG FactorsDecember 2021
Compliance StatementFebruary 2019


Complaints ProcedureDecember 2020
Conflict of Interest ProcedureMay 2021