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BlueStar Israel Global TechnologySector31 Jan 2014-
MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin Benchmark RateDigital Assets102 Jun 2020-
MVIS CryptoCompare MoneroDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin CashDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare XRPDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare EthereumDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare ZcashDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin VWAP Close Digital Assets106 Aug 2020Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare LiteCoinDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare BitcoinDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS Bitcoin US OTC SpotDigital Assets120 Nov 2018Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional BitcoinDigital Assets125 Nov 2019Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare NEMDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare DashDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare IOTADigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare Ethereum VWAP Close Digital Assets113 Jan 2021Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional EthereumDigital Assets106 Aug 2020Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare Ethereum Benchmark RateDigital Assets124 Mar 2021-
MVIS CryptoCompare NEODigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
MVIS CryptoCompare Ethereum ClassicDigital Assets123 Oct 2017-
21Shares Bitcoin Suisse Crypto Customised226 Sep 2019-
ATAC Risk-On/Risk-Off DomesticCustomised409 Nov 2020Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 5Digital Assets523 Oct 2017-
21Shares Crypto BasketCustomised506 Sep 2018-
NRI/IU Crypto-Asset (JPY)Customised529 Jan 2020-
SEBA Crypto Asset SelectCustomised502 Jul 2019-
NRI/IU Crypto-Asset (USD)Customised529 Jan 2020-
ITI Funds CryptoCustomised612 Dec 2018-
BlueStar Israel Government USD BondBond621 Apr 2017-
Weiss MVIS Top Tech Adoption RatingDigital Assets716 Dec 2020-
MVIS Australia Banks (AUD)Sector721 Dec 2012Yes
Sygnum Platform WinnersCustomised826 Nov 2019-
Menai-MVIS Diversified Digital AssetCustomised831 Dec 2020-
MVIS US Dynamic Put WriteSpecialty812 Jun 2014-
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10Digital Assets1023 Oct 2017-
BlueStar Top 10 US BanksSector1020 Jul 2020-
BlueStar E-Brokers & Trading Platforms Sector1531 Mar 2021-
MVIS Australia A-REITs (AUD)Sector1521 Dec 2012Yes
Crescent Crypto MarketCustomised1818 Dec 2018-
MVIS ColombiaCountry2010 Mar 2011-
MVIS QatarCountry2014 Jul 2010-
MVIS Global Rare Earth/Strategic MetalsHard Asset2013 Oct 2010Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100 Large-CapDigital Assets2023 Oct 2017-
BlueStar Wind Energy IndustrySector2323 Mar 2021-
BlueStar Electric Vehicle Industry Sector2319 Jan 2021-
MVIS KuwaitCountry2512 Dec 2009-
MVIS Global Uranium & Nuclear EnergyHard Asset2518 Jul 2012Yes
MVIS US Listed Pharmaceutical 25Sector2512 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS US Listed Retail 25Sector2512 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS Global Video Gaming & eSportsSector2516 Jul 2018Yes
MVIS US Mortgage REITsSector2504 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS US Listed Semiconductor 10% CappedSector2513 Aug 2020Yes
MVIS Global Oil RefinersHard Asset2521 May 2015Yes
MVIS US Listed Oil Services 25Hard Asset2512 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS United Arab EmiratesCountry2514 Jul 2010-
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 25Digital Assets2523 Oct 2017-
MVIS PolandCountry2516 Oct 2009-
MVIS Global Hydrogen EconomySector2522 Dec 2020Yes
MVIS Russia Small-CapCountry2508 Mar 2011Yes
MVIS Global Video Gaming & eSports (AUD)Sector2513 Aug 2020Yes
BlueStar Hydrogen and NextGen Fuel Cell Sector2509 Mar 2021Yes
MVIS EgyptCountry2503 Dec 2009Yes
MVIS PakistanCountry2514 Jul 2010-
MVIS Global Digital Assets EquitySector2508 Mar 2021-
MVIS US Listed Biotech 25Sector2512 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS US Listed Semiconductor 25Sector2512 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS ChileCountry2514 Jul 2010-
MVIS PhilippinesCountry2614 Jul 2010-
MVIS US Business Development CompaniesSector2604 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS Australia Resources (AUD)Hard Asset2621 Dec 2012Yes
BlueStar Solar Energy IndustrySector2709 Mar 2020-
MVIS RussiaCountry2814 Jul 2010Yes
MVIS Global Unconventional Oil & GasHard Asset2922 Dec 2011Yes
BlueStar Big Data & AnalyticsSector2909 Mar 2021-
MVIS VietnamCountry2924 Nov 2008Yes
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100 Mid-CapDigital Assets3023 Oct 2017-
MVIS North America Energy InfrastructureHard Asset3016 Oct 2019Yes
BlueStar E-Healthcare Sector3722 Jan 2021-
BlueStar China Internet SoftwareSector3813 Aug 2018-
MVIS MexicoCountry3914 Jul 2010-
MVIS Mexico Equal WeightCountry3901 Jun 2017-
BlueStar Data Center and Logistics Real EstateSector4005 Aug 2019Yes
MVIS Global GamingSector4008 May 2012Yes
MVIS IndonesiaCountry4124 Nov 2008Yes
MVIS South AfricaCountry4414 Jul 2010-
BlueStar E-Commerce US LeadersSector4611 Sep 2018-
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100 Small-CapDigital Assets5023 Oct 2017-
BlueStar Travel and VacationSector5113 May 2019-
BlueStar US Quantum & Future ComputingSector5208 Mar 2021-
MVIS Global AgribusinessHard Asset5218 Jul 2012Yes
BlueStar E-GamesSector5305 Oct 2018-
BlueStar Global Logistics Sector5423 Oct 2020-
BlueStar Global Logistics Benchmark Sector5423 Oct 2020-
MVIS MalaysiaCountry6014 Jul 2010-
BlueStar Genomic Health Care Sector6522 May 2020-
Solactive-BlueStar Israel Global ExposureCountry6529 Jan 2016-
MVIS Global Low Carbon Energy Sector6523 Feb 2021-
BlueStar RoboticsSector6729 Jan 2018-
BlueStar NextGen Video GamingSector6706 Jun 2018-
BlueStar FintechSector6707 Nov 2017-
BlueStar Food and Agriculture SustainabilitySector6829 Aug 2019-
MVIS GDP AfricaCountry7115 May 2012Yes
BlueStar Machine Learning and Quantum ComputingSector7207 Jun 2018Yes
MVIS Germany Equal WeightCountry7301 Jun 2017-
MVIS GermanyCountry7301 Jun 2017-
MVIS Australia Small-Cap Dividend Payers (AUD)Country7423 Mar 2015Yes
BlueStar 5G CommunicationsSector7510 Jan 2019-
BlueStar Internet of ThingsSector7512 Apr 2018-
BlueStar Autonomous DrivingSector7810 May 2018-
MVIS TurkeyCountry7814 Jul 2010-
MVIS ThailandCountry8314 Jul 2010-
BlueStar Asia TechnologySector8413 Aug 2018-
Solactive-BlueStar Israel Domestic ExposureCountry8429 Jan 2016-
BlueStar Global 5G ConnectivitySector8426 Jul 2019-
BlueStar Global GreenTechSector8506 Jul 2020-
BlueStar E-Commerce, Payments, and LogisticsSector8501 Mar 2021-
BlueStar Artificial IntelligenceSector8526 Mar 2018-
MVIS BrazilCountry8614 Jul 2010-
MVIS South KoreaCountry8701 Jun 2017-
MVIS South Korea Equal WeightCountry8701 Jun 2017-
BlueStar Total SecuritySector8708 Jul 2019-
MVIS Japan Equal WeightCountry8901 Jun 2017-
MVIS Brazil Small-CapCountry8901 May 2009Yes
MVIS JapanCountry8901 Jun 2017-
MVIS Global Junior Gold MinersHard Asset9331 Aug 2009Yes
Universal Standard Diamonds Evaluation 100 Customised10019 Jan 2021-
MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 100Digital Assets10023 Oct 2017-
MVIS EM Corporate Bond (local FX)Bond10019 Sep 2013-
MVIS Australia Uncapped (AUD)Country10229 Nov 2013-
MVIS Australia (AUD)Country10229 Nov 2013-
MVIS Australia Equal Weight (AUD)Country10229 Nov 2013Yes
MVIS United Kingdom Equal WeightCountry10401 Jun 2017-
MVIS United KingdomCountry10401 Jun 2017-
BlueStar Israel GlobalCountry11831 Aug 2011Yes
MVIS Australia Small-Cap (AUD)Country15321 Dec 2012-
MVIS IndiaCountry15914 Jul 2010-
BlueStar Israel Global Total Investable MarketCountry17231 May 2016-
MVIS US Investment Grade Floating RateBond21610 Feb 2011Yes
MVIS Moody's Analytics US BBB Corporate BondBond30419 Nov 2020Yes
MVIS EM Sovereign Bond (Local FX)Bond35119 Sep 2013-
MVIS Moody's Analytics US Investment Grade Corporate BondBond39119 Nov 2020Yes
MVIS EM Sovereign Bond (USD&EUR)Bond68919 Sep 2013-
MVIS EM Corporate Bond (USD&EUR)Bond241819 Sep 2013-
MVIS EM Aggregate BondBond355819 Sep 2013Yes
Items 1-144 of total 144